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Tool created by Alejandro Hitti (@AleHitti) for the 1st HammerJam, using GameMaker Studio 2.

DISCLAIMER: Any alchemy  performed with these transmutation circles are at the user's risk and AleHitti does not take responsibility for any damages caused.


  1. Add a Layer (should start with 1 by default).
  2. Edit the parameters of that layer to your liking. 
  3. Add more layers until you can feel the transmutation circle activating.
  4. Keep adding layers. Yep, that's the good stuff!
  5. You can Ctrl + Click on any slider to input a value (even outside of the range, but not recommended).
  6.  When you are done, enter a filename in the Save/Load section and press SAVE.
  7. To load a previously made Transmutation Circle, simply select it from the dropdown list and press LOAD.


  • In the GENERAL tab you can select two layers (a source and a target) to match the parameters. Useful for stuff like matching rotation between two layers.
  • You can move layers up and down the tree. Useful when using opaque circles or rotary dials since layers are evaluated from top to bottom (Layer 0 is at the bottom).


  • Font selection
  • Exporting as PNG
  • Sub-Layers
  • Color Animations
  • More layer types
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsalchemy, editor, GameMaker, hammer-jam, transmutation


TransmutationCircleMaker.zip 2 MB


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Real excited for png export! Loving what's going on so far.

Very easy to use tool with a lot of versatility. Unfortunately no way to export the circle as a png yet.

Is there going to be any updates ?